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"We want to broaden intern's horizons and expose them to things they may not have been exposed to otherwise. How we market to our members, the development process, etc. We'll enable them to see different aspect of the business that could be a springboard for them into their future." - Drew Komenda, President





"We want to show interns as much as possible. Give them access to our networks and show them everything that is involved in running a small business. From marketing, to client experience, to finance and leadership. " - Jon Rowley, Founder and CEO

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"We want our little brothers little sisters to be introduced to a dream. Something that when they see people's passion and excitment and the culture here, they can imagine themselves and dream about being a part of this and expand their horizons, expand their reach, expand the way they think about what their future can look like." - Micheal Lawrence, CEO

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